Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Raini Charuka Gunathilaka

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Raini Charuka Gunathilaka is a very famous Singer in Sri Lanka. Her father is  very famous Sri Lankan Legendary singer Rookantha Goonatilake. Now Raini has released her first song (with visual) "Neela kadugate" with a Sri Lankan famous singer Gayan Perera.

She is a very famous singer Not only that but also now Raini is an actress. There are Two images when she act her first movie "Sinhavalokanaya".The film’s script and direction by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa. Then you can see her cute image collection with good resolution. She is very beautiful because of her smile and nice eyes.

There are few images when Raini was singing in her parents Rukantha & Chandralekha's Concert. When We listen her song ,We can think that Nearly She will be the most popular singer in Sri Lanka.

Raini will be The Most Popular Singer and a very famous Actress in Sri Lanka as soon as possible. These are our warm wishes for it. Dear Raini " Good Luck & All The Best You"

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